Finance Committee

Administrative sanction was accorded by the special Commissioner of Technical Education, Andhra Pradesh for the following works:

  1. For an amount of Rs.67.00 lakhs (Rupees sixty seven lakhs only) towards the construction of balance work of Administrative Block A & B in Government polytechnic for minorities, Kurnool as per CBRO i.e G.O.Rt.No 1061, Finance Department Dt.01.05.2018.
  2. For an amount of Rs 4.00 lakhs towards maintenance works in Old academic block.
  3. For an amount of Rs 124.00 lakhs towards the construction of 2 Nos of workshop sheds to establish the labs and workshops at Government polytechnic for minorities, Kurnool.

 Institutional Development Committee  

Institutional Development Committee with the following members was constituted. They will meet periodically to review the urgent needs of the institution and advises the principal for taking up procurement.


  • S. P. Srikanth, M.E (Principal)
  • V. Nagabhushanam (HOD/CME)
  • K  Raghavanand M.Tech (HOD/ME)
  • G V Eswara Reddy M.Tech (HOD/AE)
  • K. Sudhakar (OS)
  • S. N Prasad, B.Tech Workshop Superintendent
  • C. Aslam Basha (Administrative Officer)

Note : All Payments and Financial Transactions are being implemented through CFMS