Automobile Engineering

Contact: G V Eswar Reddy 9848626424, Vision : To provide Highly Competent , Efficient manpower to meet the ever-changing needs of the Global automotive Industry and the Society. Mission : To Impart Quality Education and the Training to the students of Department , so that they will be well equipped with domain knowledge and the skills in the field of Automobile Engineering and Management along with positive attitude and respect for moral values. Message : AutoMobile Engineering enables the engineers to explore new areas, create new avenues in the fields of R&D and develop their talent in new technologies

Our labs

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: Automobile Laboratory: Equipped with different working models and offer training for all year Automobile Students of Our Institution.

Our Events


Participated in District Level TechFest conducted on 14-SEP-2018 at Brindavan Institute of Technology and Sciences,Chinna Tekur ,Kunrool

Industrial Training seminar conducted on 13-NOV-2018

CE-Participated in TechFest-2018

Participated in TechFest-2018